Uncontested Divorce

Respect and integrity cannot be compromised.

Uncontested Divorce

I have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in high conflict and/or complex family law cases (divorce, paternity and non-parental custody). The most rewarding aspect of my work has been working with individuals who value dignity, and whose unqualified objective is a just and respectful outcome to all parties. These clients are intentional and do not allow themselves to be distracted by other people's expectations or drama. They don't avoid hard truths and work hard to clearly and deeply understand the range of potential outcomes they are facing. They understand the costs of litigation are substantial and diverse, impacting the finances, relationships and personal well-being of everyone involved.  ​​

When both spouses to a divorce share these values, they avoid messy and expensive litigation, and dissolve their legal relationship (marriage) in an orderly and respectful manner. Their divorce is an 'uncontested divorce'.

I choose only to represent clients who are in uncontested divorce cases. However, I can represent only one spouse. This requirement eliminates the potential for a conflict of interest. Please contact me for more information on how my representation works in this situation.

For fees and costs related to uncontested divorce, please see my Fees & Costs page.

For Contested Divorce Cases

I advise and coach self-represented parties in contested divorce cases. For additional information, please see my Advice and Coaching page.