Advice & Coaching

Choose the Services You Need.

If you are representing yourself in a contested family law case, you may be in need of advice and coaching on strategy, document preparation, court protocol, and legal processes. My 20+ years of experience in family law litigation enables me to equip you with the insight and tools you can use.  

Often, the reason people represent themselves is because the divorce is amicable. Even if circumstances are amicable, it may be worthwhile to seek legal advice to learn (or confirm) that the terms of the divorce are within the range of (or better than) what a judge would order. Also, you might need help drafting specific language (e.g., provisions regarding disposition of a home or business, or division of a retirement account) or entire court orders.

​I charge $200 for a first consultation (up to 90 minutes). Thereafter, I charge $200 per hour.